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Syracuse Football: OL Kyle Knapp Ends Career Due To Concussions

Knapp's career is over following three separate concussions.

We like to joke about Syracuse Orange football and "Upper/Lower Body Injuries," but that's usually based on the idea that they are short-term problems with solutions. When it comes to concussions, however, it goes beyond worrying about what fans or teammates or even coaches think and it becomes about taking care of yourself.

So credit due to Kyle Knapp, the Syracuse OL who is cutting short his football career following three separate concussions since joining the program three years ago. The redshirt sophomore missed a chunk of last season's spring due to head injuries and it looks like those issues have plagued him since.

On the football side, it's a critical depth loss on the offensive line. Knapp was listed as the starting right guard on the pre-spring depth chart (which was missing some injured players to begin with), having played two games last year.

On the real life side, Knapp's gotta take of himself and the news that he will remain with SU and help coach the squad this season is good to hear. Hopefully he'll keep Vining for us.

Scott Shafer had previously said the O-line was bearing the brunt of injuries in the spring but no other specifics than that.