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HopkinsWatch: Syracuse's Mike Hopkins Not Under Consideration For Cal Job

A source tells Mike Waters that Cal has not contacted Mike Hopkins about their head coaching vacancy.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange fans went into the off-season wondering about whether or not they'd ever see three faces again. The darling punums of Tyler Ennis, Jerami Grant and Mike Hopkins.

Ennis is goneGrant is TBD and Mike Hopkins seems to be inching closer and closer to remaining as Hand of the King to Lord Jim Boeheim.

We thought we might lose Hopkins to Boston College but they went with a guy named Christian instead (a little on the nose, guys?). We thought maybe Marquette would come calling but they went with Duke's Coach Hopkins.

The only legit contender for Hopkins' service left would be the California Golden Bears, who are replacing Mike Montgomery. I thought perhaps given the Cali connection and interest from USC last year, Cal might want to take Hop out for a test run.

Via Mike Waters, it sounds like that's not going to happen.

One of the coaching jobs that still remains open is at California where Mike Montgomery resigned on Monday. But a source told that Hopkins is not among the candidates to replace Montgomery at Cal…the source said that Cal officials have not attempted to contact Hopkins.

California Golden Blogs has their own list of candidates based on who they know has been contacted and who else might make sense and Hopkins isn't on that either.

So, unless Coach Hop suddenly decides to take a job well beneath his place, you can look forward to at least another season with him by Boeheim's side. Whether or not that'll remain the case until Boeheim retires (whenever that is) remains to be seen.