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Jerami Grant Watch: To Be A Late First-Rounder Or Not To Be A Late First-Rounder

SU is 0-for-1 on keeping underclassmen in its ranks for next season. Can they at least get back to .500?

Grant Halverson

Syracuse Orange fans have already had time to process Tyler Ennis's departure. Now all that's left is to find out whether or not sophomore Jerami Grant is going to follow him out the door.

Jerami's dilemma?

Go pro and chance that you'll go in the mid/late first-round (projected anywhere from 20th to 25th in most mocks) and then fight to work your way up the food chain all the while getting paid millions (or close to it).


Return to Syracuse for one more season, be the star of the squad and do your damnedest to up that draft stock and improve as a player all the while not making millions.


You may already have an answer for Jerami set in stone, but, you're not Jeremi. Your opinion is invalid.

Unless, of course, you're an NBA front office person. Mike Waters spoke (anonymously) to a couple of them to find out what they think of Grant, and their opinion seems to be…give it another year.

"I personally think he should stay in school,'' an assistant general manager for a Western Conference team said Wednesday. "He's got a lot of upside but he's got a lot of skill development to do. I think he could really improve his draft status by staying in school.''

"He can rebound. He's athletic. He's got some talent,'' the Eastern Conference scout said. "But he's got to improve his offense, especially his shooting skills.''

I try not to give too much weight to anonymous assessments (Anonymous NFL execs, anyone?) because it's hard to know if they're speaking for the majority or even actually in a position to honestly assess. That said, as much as I think players should go pro when they want to, I have to agree with them. I love Jerami and I think he's a fantastic player, but he doesn't feel like a complete basketball player yet.

Of course, that's never stopped anyone from going pro and it might not stop Grant.