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Syracuse Football: Talk Of Vanderbilt Series A Bit Premature

Vandy AD David Williams told the USA Today he's spoken with Syracuse about a football series. Syracuse apparently isn't picking up the phone.

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With an SEC school already on the docket in the coming seasons, a lot of ears perked up Tuesday when Vanderbilt Commodores AD David Williams told USA Today that he had a chat with DOCTOR Daryl Gross about possibly starting up a series between the Syracuse Orange and the Commodores.

Williams wants to have the fourth nonconference opponent in place soon to complete the 2015 schedule. It's likely to be another small-conference school. Williams said there is no longer a game on the books with Richmond that season.

As for future power-conference opponents, Williams said he would consider ACC schools Wake Forest and Duke, and he has spoken with the athletics directors from Stanford, Syracuse and Arizona State in the past week.

John literally just mentioned Vandy as a peer institution that would fit for various reasons, none more important than we have a much better chance of beating them than we do Alabama or Auburn.

I assume Williams and Gross are busy locking down the specifics as we speak, right?

Joe Giansante, the chief of communications for the SU athletic department, said Tuesday that there are no formal discussions taking place with Vanderbilt about a future series.

Oh. Okay.

Not sure if the Vandy AD was jumping the gun or if SU is just keeping things hush-hush for the time being (he didn't say there weren't INformal discussions taking place...). I'd like to think if we do schedule the Dores, it'll be in seasons we're not also playing LSU. Lord knows we've got enough on our plate, we don't need two SEC schools to go with FSU and Clemson.