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Syracuse Basketball: Orange Getting 33/1 Odds To Win 2015 National Championship

Kentucky is your overall favorite at 5/1 while Duke is right behind them at 9/1.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we know Tyler Ennis and Jerami Grant are both leaving, expectations for the 2014-2015 Syracuse Orange basketball team can be adjusted officially. Sure, we don't know the impact of Chris McCullough and Kaleb Joseph, nor do we know if DaJuan Coleman will be ready or if any of the other returning players will improve, but it's at least enough for folks to set a baseline.

And Bovada has now set that baseline for everyone. They've released their preliminary odds for the 2014-2015 Men's Basketball National Championship and the Orange are a bit lower than they've been in recent years.

Kentucky                      5/1

Duke                            9/1

Wisconsin                     12/1

Kansas                         14/1

Arizona                         16/1

Florida                          16/1

North Carolina               16/1

Louisville                      25/1

Michigan State              25/1

Villanova                       25/1

Wichita State                 28/1

Iowa State                     33/1

Michigan                       33/1

SMU                             33/1

Syracuse                      33/1

Texas                           33/1

Virginia                         33/1

Other ACC schools include Miami (66/1), FSU (100/1) and Pittsburgh (100/1). Defending champ UConn is listed at 66/1 and Georgetown is listed at 100/1. Just in case you're keeping track.

Do with this information what you wish...