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#HopTalks Recap: Coach Hopkins On Next Year's Squad, Transfers & The Dome

Coach Hop answered your questions on Twitter Thursday.


Thursday, I had the pleasure of hosting a Q&A on Twitter with Syracuse Orange assistant coach and head-coach-in-waiting Mike Hopkins. Many questions submitted by you guys made it into the list but I didn't have time for all of them (an hour goes REALLY FAST).

I tried not to ask too many questions that he had already answered in previous chats (hence the reason I didn't ask him about whether or not he'll exclusively run zone when HC despite the fact that roughly 47 people asked that question). Check out what I did ask below and find out what he had to say about next year's squad, what his theme song would be, whether or not SU needs to bring in a transfer and much more...

Hop also stuck around to answer other questions for people so check out his Twitter timeline for the full rundown. Thanks to Ben G. for helping set it up and looking forward to the next chat...