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Syracuse Football: The Tao Of Keon Lyn

If the football thing doesn't work out, he's got a future in the Professional Philosophy League.


Former Syracuse Orange cornerback Keon Lyn has made it this far, so he's not going to let something like an injury end his journey just yet.

Lyn is holding a private workout at SU next week, hosting various scouts and NFL folks so they can see what he can do. He lost the end of his senior season to a knee injury and wasn't ready in time to participate in Pro Day. Lyn has already met with the Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions, though he won't say exactly who is attending the workout.

What he will say is how he feels about not being projected as an NFL draft pick by most anyone.

"The draft grade is people writing that stuff," Lyn said Tuesday night. "A team that wants me, they'll probably say they'll draft a 5-9 corner where they're not even looking for little corners. The people writing stuff, they don't even know I probably exist."

Whoa. Mindsplosion.

"They don't even know I probably exist."

Wrap your head around that existential crisis if you can.

We exist. Or at least, we assume we exist because we can feel and think and touch and experience. Right? But what if it's all an illusion? What if every time we wrapped up a wide receiver to prevent a first down, it was simply a construct of the universe telling us that's what's happening? What if we're all just space dust, experiencing 50-point losses to Florida State on a plane of existence that we cannot even comprehend? How do we know what we think we know? How do we know what "knowing" even is? What if what we perceive to be knowing is simply unknowing?

What is real?

Anyway, good luck with the workout, Keon. We're rooting for you.