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Syracuse Football: Spring Game Might Be A Hunger Games Situation, Which Sounds Great

Scott Shafer promises that the Spring Game will be "fun" and "innovative" if the team can't field enough guys to play an actual game.


The big learning out of Syracuse Orange spring practice on Tuesday was that injuries are starting to pile up to the point where they're disrupting things. That's not good.

But it's "nothing major right now" according to Scott Shafer. Okay, that's good.

But the injuries might hamper our ability to play a normal spring game on April 19. That's not good.

But, says Shafer, "I really want to have a spring game similar to last year if at all possible. But I'm also going to be smart and take care of the kids." Okay, that's good.

Ultimately, I could care less how perfect the spring game is. Take care of the players and let's win some football games when it matters. That said, Shafer seems pretty adamant that he's going to make April 19 a must-attend for Orange fans, one way or another.

"I promise you this," Shafer said. "We are going to have fun with it. We are going to put some sort of spring game together where the fans can come out and have some fun and have a chance to meet the kids after the game and enjoy the process. For the kids, finishing up a good, hard-nosed spring practice and an opportunity to see the fans that they look forward to. If we have to take care of the team and limit the reps, we'll adjust the elements and have a good day."

"If we do have a problem with numbers, we'll be innovative. If I need to emcee the thing and say 'hey, we're doing one-on-ones right now, a competition between Ashton Broyld and Julian Whigham to see who could carry that jersey No.1 the best', I'll emcee it if I have to."

Couple things...

  1. Open XFL-style competitions for the right to wear jersey numbers commentated by Scott Shafer himself? WHY AREN'T WE DOING THIS TO BEGIN WITH?
  2. Can we get championship belts with jersey numbers on them that the players can tote around campus all season?
  3. Hold a competition to see who could wear the No. 44 jersey and I'll fly in myself to watch it.

By the way, if you're a student and you're really good at kicking oblong things, please get in touch with Scott Shafer post haste. You probably won't even have to fight anyone Hunger Games-style for a roster spot.