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Hush Up, Jim Boeheim Is Talking About Next Year's Guard Situation

Jim Boeheim discusses the roles that Michael Gibinije and Buss Patterson will play next season.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

When Jim Boeheim talks about the season-to-come, you best listen. Especially when it comes to who the ball-handling guard is going to be.

After Jonny Flynn left in 2009, Boeheim said that Brandon Triche would step right in and Syracuse would do just fine. And, well, he was pretty much right.

Back in October, Boeheim said Tyler Ennis would play 38 minutes a game. He ended up averaging 36, but, point made.

The point is, if Boeheim is willing to say it, it's probably going to happen. So when asked what role he sees Michael Gibinije having on the team next season now that Ennis is gone, Boeheim came through.

"I think he's going to be better and a little more able to play like he did in the last game, when he played a little 2, a little 3. And next year, he'll play a little 1," Boeheim said. "It's hard to play three positions. And I think now he's figured it out enough and we've modified the offense a little bit when he's at the point that he can play there. Mike's a pretty good shooter. He's got to be more consistent. And he's slow getting it off."

Boeheim also threw Buss Patterson's name into the mix, lest you think it's going to The Silent G/KalJo/T-Cooney Show.

"And I'm very hopeful that Ronnie Patterson will be better next year and be able to play. We'll have four guards. The good news is there's more opportunity for these guys. With Tyler leaving, they get a great opportunity."

Well, you wanted more depth? You got more depth. Now shut up.

No specific talk about incoming freshman Kaleb Joseph, who may or may not be able to work his way into the starting lineup. Here's what he said about Joseph last week...

"He's explosive, he's a good mid-range shooter. He's got to work on his 3-point shooting, which all point guards do," Boeheim said. "He gets to the rim and he's athletic at the rim. He dunks and he can get up. And he's got a good 15-foot mid-range game."

So, no concrete plans for next season's starting lineup just yet, but, you know, it IS April.