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Jim Boeheim, Monster That He Is, Wants Underclassmen Draft Process To Be Better For Players

Jim Boeheim drops some thunder of the NCAA's early-entry deadline for underclassmen.

Jared Wickerham

Jim Boeheim is a monster. I think that point has been made abundantly clear by NBA folks following his comments about Tyler Ennis and Jerami Grant.

Nevermind that Boeheim has routinely pushed Syracuse Orange underclassmen out the door into the NBA Draft.

Nevermind that his comments had more to do with thinking Ennis & Grant are not ready for the NBA than about whether or not players should leave early in general.

Nevermind that NBA people aren't able to use Google properly.

The point is, he is a self-interested monster who never does anything positive ever. Period.

Anyway, if Jim Boeheim had his druthers, he'd extend the NCAA deadline for college players to return to school if they ultimately decide that leaving early for the NBA Draft just wasn't going to work out.

"The NBA people haven't even looked at the draft yet. They're just gathering material," Boeheim said. "They don't even get to that process until May. And the problem is we're so stupid in college that we make kids come back by April 15. It should be June 1. That way a kid can go work out."

The April 15 deadline was supposed to help college coaches know which of their players would be coming back so they could adjust their recruiting efforts. But Boeheim said that by that date, "we can't get anybody" anyway. Most programs in Syracuse's recruiting stratosphere have already signed players in that year's recruiting class and have focused their efforts on future classes.

"This year, that rule will probably get worked on, we'll probably get something done," Boeheim said. "It should be a June 1st rule. Let the kid go try out. Let him go see how difficult it is. Right now, it's really just a bad system."

WHAT. A. SCUMBAG. Right, guys? has some more insight into the dumb, so-very-NCAA way that early-entry deadlines are set up. Go check it out.