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Syracuse Orange Spring Practice: The Cold Light of Day

The Orange practiced outdoors for the first time and we found out that there's been some good and bad. What else is new?

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, the Syracuse Orange football team practiced in the cold light of day for the first time this year and it's looking like business as usual. While that means a lot of the expected leaders are stepping up, it also means the requisite spring practice injuries are beginning to pick up.

Syracuse has continued to keep its foot on the gas on offense, with redshirt junior quarterback Terrel Hunt showing good command in the up-tempo offense. And Shafer gave a shout out to running back George Morris II following practice for twice splitting the defense on long runs.

"Offensively we lost a lot of guys," defensive coordinator Chuck Bullough said. "Defensively, we haven't. We've been good. Knock on wood."

Specifically, Coach Shafer mentioned the offensive line as a unit that has been impacted by injuries, though he didn't provide any specifics.

In the quest to replace Jay Bromley, Chuck Bullough told reporters that Eric Crume and Marcus Coleman are both working with the first team on the interior of the D-Line.

And while the WR position has been "a logjam," they mention Brisly Estime by name as someone who has been consistent.

Not specifically from yesterday but I did just see this quote from Prince-Tyson Gulley, who seems pretty intent on making sure he's a pivotal player on the offense this season:

"I don’t like to bring all the light on me," Gulley said, "but it’s a good feeling that I am No. 1 right now. I know that comes with a lot of stuff that I have to carry."

Namely, the ball. Gulley said he expects close to 20 carries per game, up from 7.6 in 2013. He believes he’ll get 5–7 targets out of the backfield per game after catching just 15 total passes a season ago.

CuseNation was on hand to get Shafer's comments post-practice...