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Syracuse Basketball: Jim Boeheim & The Profiterole That Wasn't

When Jim Boeheim talks about food, we are there.

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When it comes to Jim Boeheim's upcoming biography, there's a lot of things that might have Syracuse Orange fans excited. Insight into what the 2003 National Title run was like. Stories from the 70's when SU basketball was coming into its own. Boeheim's true thoughts on the Bernie Fine situation. Boeheim's favorite wins and most gut-wrenching losses.

Me? I'm mostly excited about the food anecdotes. One of the fun byproducts of following Boeheim over the years has been finding out what a non-foodie foodie he is and how passionate he gets about the simple culinary pleasures of life.

Long before he was complaining about Denny's, Boeheim was raving about the Chinese food in China being not as great as P.F. Chang's, openly-despising Spanish seafood and standing in awe of hotel buffets.

So when Jim Boeheim, Sausage King of Syracuse, talks food, I am IN.

Biographer Jack McCallum has been making the rounds around town, discussing everything from Tyler Ennis (where his opinion mirrors Boeheim's just slightly too specifically) to what it's like to work for Jimmy B. Today, he tells Chris Carlson some fun anecdotes about the process of writing, what Boeheim is really like and what we can expect. And he kicks it off with another wonderful Boeheim Food Story.

We're in Buffalo, out to dinner, and we're talking about what constitutes dessert. We're talking about profiteroles...So he says, "they're filled with ice cream." I don't eat them often — they're a French dessert — but I say, "Oh, when I've had them it's usually been a pastry cream." He says: "That's not right, every single time I've had them it's been ice cream." So I say, "Well, I've had them four times and every time it's been with pastry cream."

Well, I've had them four times and I know every time they've had God damn pastry cream. And he goes, "Well I've had them 30 times and every time they've had God damn ice cream." I Google it at the table. In the first sentence, it says, "a french dessert usually filled with pastry cream." Sentence 2 says, "In America occasionally served with ice cream."

I look and say, "See?" And he goes, "Well, what (bleeping) country are we in? We're in the United States."

Three days later he was still claiming victory in the profiterole argument.

Go check out the rest of the piece for some great insight into the Duke loss, Boeheim's faults and whether or not he knows when Jim Boeheim will retire (Spoiler…no).