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POLL: Which New Uniform Set Do You Prefer: Syracuse or Illinois?

If you had your choice between the new Syracuse uniform or the new Illinois uniform, which would you prefer?

Coincidentally or not, the Syracuse Orange weren't the only team known for wearing orange & blue to get new Nike uniforms on Wednesday. The Illinois Fighting Illini also premiered new duds for their program. And while the color schemes might be similar, the styles were vastly different.





Looking at these uniforms, it's hard not to imagine a Block S on that helmet instead of an I and wonder if you'd prefer that. The uniforms are more traditional in style, sturdier in number font and overall cleaner than the Syracuse designs.



The Syracuse style is certainly flashier, more modern and Oregon-y, if you will.

So if you removed the logos and I just threw both styles out there at you with the same colors, which uniform set would you choose?