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Syracuse Football Recruiting: I Think Ya Better Call Tyrone Perkins

And the Class of 2015 is off and running!


Well, the uniforms worked!

The same day that the Syracuse Orange football team introduced schnazzy new uniforms meant to bolster recruiting efforts, they received a commitment from 2015 RB Tyrone Perkins.

Friends Academy? How nice!

Perkins doesn't have a rating from Scout and he just received a score of 88 from 24/7, whatever that means.. So the coaches must see something in Perkins that no one else has noticed as of yet. He ran for 1,029 yards and 24 touchdowns as captain of his squad and also played linebacker and safety.

Perkins is also an impressive basketball player, routinely scoring in double digits.

Tyrone is the first verbal commit of the 2015 class. Welcome to the fold!