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Syracuse Football Introduces New Nike Uniforms For 2014 Season

The Orange will have three base uniforms next season, none of which are actually orange. Go figure.

Syracuse Athletics promised a major announcement on Wednesday afternoon in DestinyUSA and they did not disappoint as they unveiled four new Syracuse Orange football uniforms for the 2014 season.




According to someone affiliated with SU Athletics, there is a version with orange pants that won't be coming until 2015. So, for the time being, you're looking at three uniforms combos, none of which feature very much orange at all. Do with that information what you like...

Immediate thoughts...

  • One day, someone will explain the whole platinum love affair to me in a way that makes sense. One day...
  • You know me. I like my Orange orange. So I can't help but be disappointed by that.
  • I do like the all-white uniform a lot but I feel like I love the mock-up way more than I like the actual thing. The mock-up looks fierce but the actual thing looks like a pile of laundry. I'd actually wear a blue undershirt instead of an orange undershirt with it to break up the colors a bit.
  • The platinum uniform...well, it's a uniform. That much is true. Hope Ole Miss likes that we're wearing it for them. That said, and I don't know how this happened, but the platinum looks better than the white in real life. Again, I have no idea how this happened.
  • The blue uniform. I do like all-blue but it needs more accents. A touch of orange here and there with a belt or socks goes a long way.
  • "Lock The Gate." Shouldn't that be "Lock The Doors?" That's the Scott Shafer quote. If this is in reference to Shafer, why change it to something abstract? That feels like someone took a great idea and tweaked it based on some notes from someone outside of the bubble.

So...i'm afraid to ask, but...your initial thoughts???