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What Do You Want To See From Syracuse Football's New Uniforms?

Syracuse will introduce new uniforms late today. What are you hoping to see?

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

I think we can all stop pretending and just admit that today's big announcement regarding Syracuse Athletics is that we'll be seeing brand new football uniforms. The rumors were true, the hearsay played out and here we are.

(As for what the second announcement is...your guess is as good as mine).

So as it pertains to Syracuse's new, new unis, which are arriving just a year after meeting our old new unis, the question now becomes, "What do you want to see?"

There are probably a couple different camps mulling over their options at this moment...

  • The camp that wants and will forever want the Donovan McNabb era uniforms to come back.
  • The camp that wants orange, Orange and ORANGE.
  • The camp that doesn't want anything flashy, just some good, old-fashioned orange & blue and just move on already.

The chances all of those camps go home happy are nil. The chances that most of those camps go home happy are slightly better but still not great. In fact, based on some things I've seen but have been sworn to keep my mouth shut about for the time being, most camps are going home bitter indeed.

Ultimately, it's about the players and the recruits and they almost always love the new uniforms no matter what. But as for us fans, those of us stuck paying $125 for Student-Athlete No. 5 jerseys, I'm curious to know what your hopes and expectations are?

What do you want to see? What are you dreading? What do you want these uniforms to accomplish? Sound off below and we'll find out how happy, or enraged, you are soon enough.