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Jerami Grant Watch: 'We'll See What Happens'

Jim Boeheim doesn't know any more than you do.

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The impending decision by Jerami Grant as to whether or not he'll return to play for the Syracuse Orange is something a lot of Orange fans are dreading.

There's the decision itself, of course. That could go a way you don't want it to.

But then there's also the Jim Boeheim reaction, which, honest or not, could lead to a whole new round of 'Boeheim Is the Worst Person Ever.'

So what's the sense from everyone? It's been radio silence for a while now. Tyler Ennis's decision came and went and nary a peep was heard from Grant. No peeps recently, either. And that goes for Boeheim, too. However, CNY Central grabbed Jimmy's attention at a local event long enough to pose the inevitable question about whether or not he thinks Grant will return to SU next year...

"We'll see what happens" Boeheim said.

"Kids have to do what they think is best for themselves, and we have to adjust to that" he added.

I know Boeheim-Speak pretty well and I'll go ahead and translate that as "I don't think he's ready but it's not my call."

Grant has until April 27 to make a decision.