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2014 Syracuse Football Spring Game: Scott Shafer Mic'd Up Edition

Scott Shafer will be wearing a mic during the spring game. What other selling point do you need?

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

The best thing about a new Syracuse Orange football season is the chance to hear head coach Scott Shafer speak once again. He's a human catchphrase machine and, even when he's pissing off every other fanbase in the ACC, he just has a way of making Orange fans more and more excited about what's going on with the program. He's also very prone to saying 'butts,' 'ass,' and 'darn.'

So if you're telling me that during Saturday's spring game, Shafer will be mic'd up in order to "provide insight" into the action on the field, you might as well just tell us that George Washington is going to emerge from underneath the Carrier Dome turf, plant an American flag at the 50-yard-line and then lead everyone in a rousing rendition of 'America The Beautiful' before riding off into the sunset on his skeleton horse.

Which is to say, it sounds fantastic.

Some other highlights from the festivities...

  • During the game, a fan will be selected to attempt a field goal to win a pair of 2014 football season tickets.
  • The Syracuse Marching Band, Orange spirit squad and Otto will perform throughout the event.
  • Following the game, fans are invited onto the Dome field for a 30 minute autograph session with the team.
  • Inflatable jumpies!!!

Dome doors open at 10 a.m., the team takes the field at 11:30 for pre-game stretch and warmup and the Spring game begins at 1 p.m. You'll have plenty of time to enter through those Dome doors for free and pick up your voucher for a free hot dog and soda en route to your seat.

If you can't make it, the game will be televised on Time Warner Cable Sports. No word on whether or not that will be simulcast on their website, though that would awesome.