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HopkinsWatch: All Quiet On The Boston Front…For Now

As we wait to find out if Mike Hopkins is off to Boston, or elsewhere, we dig in to what we do know.

Nate Shron

I'll give it to the Boston College folks, they are certainly playing things very close to their chest.

It's been a few days since Syracuse Orange assistant coach Mike Hopkins interviewed for their open head coaching spot. Since then…nothing. No news from them. No news from Hopkins. He might already be their choice. He might already be eliminated. No idea.

In the meantime, it should be noted that the Eagles are looking at a few other people as well. St. Bonaventure coach Mark Schmidt spoke with the search firm involved with the gig. Pete Thamel is reporting that Ohio University head men's basketball coach Jim Christian is in the mix. And then Quinnipiac's Tom Moore and Towson's Pat Skerry are also said to be involved.

Basically, it sounds like BC is going to have to choose between a guy with HC experience on a smaller scale or a guy with longtime assistant experience at the top level.

And then of course there's the whole Cal situation to keep an eye on as well.

Meanwhile, just to twist the knife a little further. author Jack McCallum, who is working on Boeheim's autobiography, spilled some insight into just how much work Hopkins and the other assistant do for the Orange:

"I was very surprised at how, I think I've said this before, at how (Boeheim) functions in the CEO role as a head coach. If you watch practice he has three coaches that played for him, and are all exuberant guys, very energetic. Mike Hopkins, Adrian Autry and Gerry McNamara are all down on the floor with the players and there's a 'these are my guys' mentality.

"Jim, to a certain extent, looks sometimes like an absentee coach. All the skill work, all the coaching in practice is done by these three guys. When it comes time for game-day prep, and in the locker room and the bench, (Boeheim) absolutely coaches the team. No one else says anything. It's completely his team. It's been fascinating to watch how it works, be in their pre-game meetings."

BC Interruption are staying on top on the college coaching carousel so keep an eye on their updates. Begrudgingly if need be.