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#CuseTixForKids Redux: Let's Buy Some Syracuse Football Season Tickets

It's time to think about what we can do during the 2014 season.


As the off-season approaches, it seemed like a pretty good time to re-approach the learnings from #CuseTixForKids and see if we can pick up where we left off before the 2014 Syracuse Orange football season.

As I mentioned when it was all over, my biggest learnings were that...

1. It was worth it.

2. The more we can control it, the better it will be.

My idea for the 2014 season is thus:

Let's buy a bunch of Syracuse Football season tickets and provide them to charities and those in need on a game-by-game basis.

We don't have to get a ton of them. Maybe like a row or two. Let's not overdo it and get stuck with empty seats. Instead, let's maximize what we know we can and work with people who will get it done to make sure those seats are filled with people who wouldn't otherwise be able to spend the day in the Dome.

The one thing I really would like to sort out is to make this somewhat official. Going the "send me money via PayPal" route just isn't gonna work this time, that was madness.

I know some people have mentioned trying to set up a 501c or finding another way to sort things out so taxes aren't an issue and all that. If anyone wants to chime in below with some ideas or info, have at it. Worst case, we can set up one of those fundraiser campaigns.

I've already spoken with someone over at SU Athletics, so getting some solid seats won't be an issue. I'd love to just get everything else in order as much as possible cause the easy part will be raising the money to buy the tickets and finding worthwhile causes to give them to.

Would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, questions and concerns...