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2014 NCAA Final Four: So, We're Rooting For Wisconsin, I Guess?

Florida, UConn, Kentucky and Wisconsin. Take your pick and then cry about it.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

The 2014 NCAA Tournament has reached the Final Four and it appears that Syracuse Orange fans are just going to have to grit their teeth to try and enjoy it.

The Florida Gators, Connecticut Huskies, Kentucky Wildcats and Wisconsin Badgers have made it to the promised land and will play next weekend to determine the 2014 National Champion.

It's nice to see those scrappy low seeds UConn (No. 7) and Kentucky (No. 8) get this far. Always great when the tournament allows unheralded clubs like that to compete with the rest of us...

This is where I'd normally ponder who we're rooting for, but, yeesh.

UConn? Fech. Screw you, Basketball Gods.

Kentucky? Even worse, a scrappy Kentucky? Yucky yuck yuck.

Florida? We've been hearing about how good they are all season. Meh. Over them.

Wisconsin? Sure.

I mean, we did beat Wisconsin a couple years ago in the tourney so I suppose our rooting interest is us returning the favor.

I am looking forward to watching everyone sweep that whole Bo Ryan player transfer incident from a couple years ago under the rug. No time to mention that, we've got "Bo Ryan Genius" narratives to run! Look at Boeheim, that washed-up jerk, he wishes he was half as good, even though we were the same people saying he was five times as good this time last year...

That was my impression of a national college basketball hack, in case that wasn't clear. It will be within the next few days...