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HopkinsBCWatch: Tommy Amaker Staying At Harvard, Is Hopkins Plan B?

The "leading" candidate for the BC job is out of the running. Is Mike Hopkins in the driver's seat now?


Plan A is out the window for the Boston College Eagles. Harvard head coach Tommy Amaker has agreed to remain with the school instead of taking over the BC (or Wake Forest) gig. The BC folks will tell you that Amaker was never actually being considered in the first place due to a "no process" requirement, but, whatever, it's done.

That means, and allow me to be the 9,726th person to make this joke, it's time for that Catholic university in Boston to consider taking Plan B.

That could very well be Syracuse Orange assistant coach Mike Hopkins, who interviewed with the school over the weekend.

Ultimately, I think the question has to come down to…if Hopkins takes this job and then Boeheim retires in three years, does Hopkins jump back to Syracuse? Does BC believe him if he says he won't?

I don't know why but I remain unconvinced he's going. The USC job seemed like the perfect fit for the California-native. Back in his element and with a chance to make his mark elsewhere. Does he really want to be an immediate rival with Boeheim & SU? I guess we'll find out soon enough, I'm sure BC doesn't want to prolong the process.