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Syracuse Basketball: Jerami Grant Remains 'Day-To-Day' With Back Issue

"There's nothing structurally wrong. But his back is sore. We'll have to see how he feels on Tuesday." - Boeheim

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Long-time Syracuse Orange fans, or even those who have followed the team for the past three or four seasons, know that the sky is not falling. A stretch of bad games in conference play is an annual tradition for SU hoops not unlike listening to people complain about SU's schedule or the annual pre-NCAA Tournament non-scandal scandal.

It looks bad and feels bad in the moment but plenty of Syracuse teams have gone through it before and come out better for it in the end.

But that doesn't change the fact that things are not clicking. The Orange seem offensively inept. The Injuries are piling up and our lack of depth is scary. The "luck" doesn't seem to be there anymore.

One thing that could really help restore some faith in the squad is news that Jerami Grant is healthy. While it doesn't sound like he's going to miss a lot of time, we're also talking about a team notorious at withholding injury info. In the meantime, Boeheim is sticking to his story...

"There's nothing structurally wrong," Boeheim reiterated this morning. "But his back is sore. We'll have to see how he feels on Tuesday."

Boeheim said Grant "tweaked" his back during the Duke game. The SU coach traced Grant's back trouble to that single moment this season.

"It was sore during the Duke game but he was able to kind of get through it," Boeheim said. "Since then it's just been at a level where he couldn't move well."

Grant remains "day-to-day" and his status for Tuesday's contest against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets is unclear. Assume he's out until you see otherwise with your own two eyes.

Of course that begs the question, should we be giving Tyler Roberson more playing time? Boeheim, notorious for not wanting anything resembling a freshman big man on the court during critical play, seems open to the idea.

"I think he's made some strides," Boeheim said. "I think it's been a tough process for him, but I think he definitely has made some strides. We'll see moving forward what his contributions can be."

Yeah, good luck with that the second Roberson commits a turnover or misses a pick.