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We Might Need To Get Jim Boeheim A Chaperone

At least during away games.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

As the Syracuse Orange basketball season has come down from the 25-0 high that it started out on, Jim Boeheim's temper has been seeping out all over the college basketball landscape as well. He's already meme-worthy and his press conferences are officially at can't-miss status.

Of course, there's a flip side to that. When you're a speak-first-think-later kind of guy like Boeheim, you're also gonna do and say some things that are less fun and more "Oh I really wish there wasn't a reporter standing there when that happened…"

Here's FOX Sports' Drew Franklin's account of what Boeheim was like after the Virginia loss on Saturday.

"YOUR JOB IS TO STAND THERE AND BE QUIET," Boeheim shouted to his security detail, who immediately apologized and insisted he was only trying to tell the coach how to exit the arena.

Boehiem cut off the man's explanation, emphatically telling him, "YOU SAY NOTHING."

Shocked by what I was witnessing, I reached in my pocket for my phone to capture the altercation -- Instagram! -- when Boeheim's eyes met mine. Suddenly that photo didn't seem like a great idea. Not at all. He had a don't-you-even-think-about-it look on his face, leaving me standing there frozen like a deer in headlights.

If we’re being honest with each other here, FOX Sports readers, I almost soiled my denim. I'm not ashamed to admit it. He broke me down without saying a word and I wanted no part of what would've happened next if that phone came out of my pocket.

I dunno, I could defend the situation or the context, but, at the end of the day, that's just not a good look at all. Who knows if there's more to it or if Boeheim misheard the guy or whatever. But still, you know…not cool.

If anything, I think it drives home the same idea that was behind his jacket-flipping tirade. That when he's in the moment, Boeheim is emotional and reactionary. In other words, he's a human being. I'm guessing that if he didn't apologize later, he certainly wanted to after the fact.

That said, is it weird that I kinda like this whole Everyone Thinks Syracuse Head Coaches Are Mean Thugs But Not Thugs In The Racist Way Just In The Thug Way thing we've got going on? Maybe I just enjoy being disliked. So Syracuse...