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Syracuse Lacrosse Drops To No. 9 In Media Poll

After two-straight losses, the mighty Orange are free-falling.

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange men's lacrosse team appears to be in the midst of another one of "those" seasons. They usually end one of two ways...

1. The team inexplicably gets it together late and makes a run in the NCAAs.

2. We wonder how in the hell SU Lax is sitting on the outside looking in.

No way to tell what's coming just yet but in the meantime the Orange are free-falling in the polls.

After their second-straight loss, this one to the Virginia Cavaliers, they dropped from No. 6 to Bo. 9 in the Media Poll.

The good news is that the two teams that Syracuse lost to are the No.1 (Maryland) and No. 2 (UVa) teams in the nation. So that's something. Fellow ACCers Duke (No. 3), Notre Dame (No. 6) and North Carolina (No. 8) are all ahead of us as well.

Here's Glaude's poll from College Crosse where he has Syracuse all the way down at No. 13. Can't say I can argue, really.

Next up on the docket is the St. John's Red Storm, who isn't the pushover they used to be. Ranked No. 20 this week, the Storm will take on the Orange in Kennesaw, GA on March 8th as part of the Cobb County Lacrosse Classic, which is a thing.