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Mike Hopkins Interviewing For Boston College Gig This Weekend

Syracuse's coach-in-waiting isn't waiting to hear what BC has to say.


Via Mike Waters, Syracuse Orange assistant head coach and HCIW Mike Hopkins is in Boston this weekend interviewing for the opening head coaching gig with the Boston College Eagles.

The job has been considered Tommy Amaker's to lose but Amaker is either dragging his feet or uninterested, so the floor has been opened and Hopkins, whose name has long been on the short list, has swooped in. As far as how serious BC is and how serious Hokpins is, no one really knows at the moment.

It should come as no surprise that Hopkins is considering the gig. It's an ACC job in a major Northeastern market. Hopkins has strong recruiting ties in the Northeast and he's got almost 20 years of experience working under Jim Boeheim.

The Syracuse-BC rivalry got a nice bump when the Eagles ended SU's record 25-0 start, imagine if Hopkins takes over. We love Coach Hop but that'd make things pretty interesting.

Hopkins almost took the USC Trojans job last year until Andy Enfield rode FGCU's Cinderella run into that gig. Hopkins signed with an agent in the off-season who declared Hopkins' next contract would be a head coaching one.

Of course, the big question looming over Hopkins with this or any other job has to be, when Jim Boeheim eventually does retire, will you immediately jump back to Syracuse? Hopkins says he wants to develop his own legacy, which is understandable, but being handed the keys to the kingdom in Syracuse seems like too good of an opportunity to ever pass up.

Don't get too worked up just yet. It may be serious. It may be one or both parties doing due diligence. We'll just have to wait and see.

This much is clear, though. Boeheim retiring or not, Mike Hopkins is ready to for a promotion.