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Syracuse Lacrosse Unveils New Nike Fast Break Uniform

The Orange will wear the new units this weekend when they host Notre Dame in the Dome.

Rumors swirled this week that the Syracuse Orange lacrosse team would have some new gear this weekend when they hosted the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in the Carrier Dome. Those rumors came to fruition today with the unveiling of new Nike Fast Break Uniforms.

The Nike Fast Break uniform is the company's lightest lacrosse uniform to date. It features a sleeveless jersey for increased shoulder mobility and is 17 percent lighter than the current Nike Vapor jersey. The new uniform shorts are eight percent lighter than the Nike Vapor shorts, and like the jersey, are made with four-way stretch woven fabric for added freedom of movement. Mesh panels on the back, zoned perforations under the arms and zoned mesh down the sides of the shorts have been implemented for increased cooling and breathability.

The new jerseys are white with "Syracuse" inscribed in orange across the chest and navy blue numbers in orange trim. In a unique touch, the jerseys feature an image of the Syracuse University Hall of Languages façade woven into the fabric on the shoulders and the program's "Head, Heart, Hustle" motto is found inside the collar.

To complete the uniform, players will wear the short-sleeved navy blue Nike Pro Combat Hypercool SS Fitted Crew baselayer, further enhancing the uniform's breathability. The sleeves feature the player's jersey number.

In addition to the uniforms, Syracuse will don new navy blue Cascade R helmets. Similar to the Syracuse football helmets debuted in the fall, the navy blue fades into chrome orange on the helmet's back panels. They feature SU's signature block "S" logo in chrome orange on the sides. As part of the custom design, the letters HHH adorn the stainless steel facemask in another nod to the program's "Head, Heart, Hustle" mantra.

Finally, Syracuse will debut Nike Vapor arm pads in blue and white, as well as blue and white Nike Vapor Elite and STX Stallion gloves to complete the signature look.

Check out the full gallery here, which includes images of the uniform, helmet, pads and everything else that goes into it.

My only major issue is that good things do not usually come from Syracuse mixing and matching jersey & short colors. The same holds true here.

New unis are always nice but let's hope the Orange have worked out any outstanding heart issues before they step on the field against the Irish this weekend.

P.S. - Rumors also say this isn't the only new SU sports uniform that'll be debuted soon...