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Syracuse Daily Links - Jerami Grant's Status, Tyler Ennis's Future & Tao Te Ching

Will Jerami Grant follow Tyler out the door? Did Ennis make the right decision? And what exactly is Tao Te Ching? Find out in today's Daily Links...

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Tyler Ennis turns pro, leaving Syracuse without a proven point guard next season | The Dagger - Yahoo Sports
Had Ennis not performed so well, the Orange never would have won 25 straight games to start the season or earned a No. 3 seed in the NCAA tournament. At the same time, Ennis also probably would have returned to school for his sophomore season if he hadn't outperformed expectations, solidifying next year's roster.

Tyler Ennis: 5 Reasons Why Leaving Syracuse Is A Mistake

For much of the season, it’s been assumed that Syracuse freshman point guard Tyler Ennis would be a one-and-done player. Those suspicions were confirmed on Thursday when Ennis made his decision to leave Syracuse official. But here are five reasons why Ennis is making a mistake by going to the NBA and why he should stay at Syracuse for one more year.

Tyler Ennis leaves Syracuse basketball and the Orange will do just fine without him |
Remember, the graveyard is filled with indispensable people. And remember, too, that Michael Carter-Williams, the NBA's presumptive rookie of the year, departed prematurely last spring … and SU was better for it in the winter. Kaleb Joseph, come on down.

Mixed Juice: Will Jerami Grant stay at Syracuse? | The Juice Online

Jerami Grant has been a hot commodity in mock drafts recently. With his freakish athleticism and developing game, Grant oozes NBA potential. Many mock drafts have Grant going in the middle to end of the first round. With that in mind, The Juice Online’s Jim Stechschulte and Wesley Cheng took each side of the issue.

Syracuse football: Donnie Simmons' secret to overcoming knee injury? 'Tao Te Ching,' juicing and yoga |

His road to recovery went beyond the painful single-leg squats and the arduous grind of rehab. In order for Donnie to truly begin healing, he needed a cleansing of mind and body, presented to him by his father through three books: One on yoga, which he first took classes for as a senior in high school at a YMCA; a juicing book titled "Raw Vegetable Juices;" and "Tao Te Ching," a Chinese philosophy book by Lao Tzu translated to mean "the way and the power."

Syracuse basketball: For Mike Hopkins, is the grass getting greener on the other side of the fence? |

Even though it is understood he will be the head coach at Syracuse when Jim Boeheim steps down, Hopkins has built enough of a reputation in the college basketball world as a great recruiter and a "ready-to-go" head coach that schools still consistently inquire about his interest.

Got heart? Syracuse lacrosse team has its heart questioned during 'brutal' team meeting |

"For the first time ever, I think our hearts were questioned — where we are, what we want, what our priorities are. It hurts," Lamolinara said. "The way it looked on Sunday, I think it's warranted to question where some people's hearts are. By the end of the meeting, I think we were all on the same page. We weren't on Sunday. I think we are today."