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Somebody's Got A Case Of The 'Coulds' With Mike Hopkins

Boston College might consider Mike Hopkins if Tommy Amaker keeps dragging his feet. Then again, they may not. We're just spitballin' here.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday was a helluva day for BREAKING NEWS about things that might or might not actually happen. First up was our old friend at DYST who broke the news that Tyler Ennis and Jerami Grant might come back to Syracuse but then again they might not.

And then came news that Mike Hopkins, who has not actually been contacted by Boston College for their vacant head coaching job, COULD be contacted. Possibly. Perhaps.

According to Mark Blaudschun of, Boston College officials have yet to reach an agreement with Amaker, who had been considered the obvious choice to replace Steve Donahue, who was fired last week after four years at BC.

Blaudschun said that Hopkins and Towson head coach Pat Skerry could be at the top of Boston College's secondary list.

A source confirmed to that Hopkins could become a candidate at Boston College, but the school has yet to contact the long-time Syracuse assistant.


As an aside, I'd like to report that Jim Boeheim could be the second coming of the messiah. Could be. Might not be. We'll just have to see how it plays out. But in the meantime, please credit me with breaking that. Thanks.

Editor addition: On Thursday morning,'s Bud Poliquin published a column which discusses Hopkins' decision to leave, if a possible job is offered, and it looks like, according to SU assistant coach, it will take a perfect opportunity for him to leave.

"If I go, I'm going to a place where I feel I can be forever and win forever. That's my philosophy. To leave this place - for what it's done for me and because I love it so much - it would have to be pretty special. I want to coach. If there had been the right situation I'm not saying I wouldn't have gone. But it would take a perfect storm for me to leave."

How perfect is a job with Marquette or Boston College? I guess, we will find out.