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EnnisGrantGoProWatch 2014: Tyler Ennis 'In A Good Position'

Tyler Ennis is talking to his family and Coach Boeheim about his future.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

As Syracuse Oranges await the news whether or not freshman Tyler Ennis and sophomore Jerami Grant are returning to school for one more year, it's a good time to introduce the official EnnisGrantGoProWatch-Tug-O-War-Meter.


The initial EGGPWTOWM shows Tyler slightly closer to going pro than Jerami. Simply based on gut feelings at this point. Of course, we did get this nugget about Ennis, who is clearly thinking long and hard about his future.

Ennis' father, Tony McIntyre, said he would support whatever his son wants to do.

"He's sitting in a good position,'' McIntyre said. "He's loved his time at Syracuse. He's loved being a college kid. He's met a lot of great people. He's loved playing there. He can continue that for another year or he's got a great opportunity to pursue his dream of playing in the NBA.''

Let the fact that Ennis's Dad is already referring to Syracuse in the past tense mean whatever you like...

Image H/T: Invisible Swordsman