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Barclays Basketball Backlash: Tobacco Road Can't Handle Moving the ACC Tournament

Fan response to the ACC's decision to move its conference basketball tournament out of Greensboro, North Carolina has been less than positive.

Streeter Lecka

Well, it's officially official now. In a press conference this morning, the ACC announced that the men's basketball conference tournament will be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn for 2017 and 2018.

When the news first broke yesterday, there were jubilant celebrations everywhere. Clouds cleared, birds sang, and it may have even reached 50 degrees in some places, though I certainly wasn't located in any of them.

Alas, our joy will be short lived. It turns out that moving the ACC Tournament out of North Carolina and into New York will single-handedly destroy the world. The apocalypse is nigh. College basketball is the new climate change, and we have ruined -- RUINED, I say -- everything for our grandchildren.

Of course, this is according to Tobacco Road loyalists, many of whom must get their information from somewhere other than real life. Don't believe me? Hop onto the ACC's Facebook page and check out the comments. There's mention of "loyalty" in one, so you won't be disappointed. Promise.

As for the Twitters, take a look at how it all unfolded:

Right. The hoards of Duke alumni in NYC are really going to resent being able to see their team locally.

First, no. Barclays isn't a gym. Second, a championship without those teams will never EVER happen. Exclude Syracuse for a minute, and it still won't happen. The last time neither Duke nor UNC were in the championship game was 1996, for crying out loud.

You guys, Brooklyn is in New England. Please update all maps.

This one, I just…I can't even...where are you getting your information?! You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

Then, there were a ton of people apparently miffed at how pricey it will be to attend the tournament for those two years:

What is this "privileged" narrative? Average Joes have been going to Barclays and Madison Square Garden for the A10 and Big East conference tournaments for years. God forbid there isn't a Bojangles on every corner.

Which brings us to this final group of nonsense:

Oh, the food argument. Yes, we've heard something about this before. Rest assured, my southern friends, it appears Barclays has your back.