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Syracuse Football: Catching Up On #Hardnosed Spring Practice

Hey SU Football, sorry we've neglected you...

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

We've neglected coverage of the Syracuse Orange football team during spring practice, though we've had a good excuse. Now that basketball is officially over, we can turn our gaze back towards Scott Shafer's Northern Football Alliance to see what's cookin',

It's been a long, strange road for WR Quinta Funderburk. The Arkansas transfer redshirt junior spent last season buried on the depth chart. He hasn't worked his way into the starting lineup just yet but George McDonald says Fundy has earned his spot on the second line on the WR depth chart.

"I think he's really earned the opportunity to be a two and to compete to get more playing time," McDonald said. "He's done a lot of good things off the field in terms of academics, getting his stuff together that way, and at the end of the season he really made some big catches that helped us. He's earned the right to stay there."

Jerome Smith is gone and players like George Morris II and Devante McFarlane gunning for reps, what of Prince-Tyson Gulley? Will he be the feature back? What will his role be? Sounds like "maybe" and "a lot of things."

"Someone has to run the rock this year, so my idea for Gulley is one, try to keep him healthy, and two, let him run the ball," McDonald said. "He'll get the ball out of the backfield with the screen and stuff. Right now, we just have to figure out who is going to be that running back that Jerome was in terms of who is going to carry the load and who's going to play off of him."

Remember Adonis Ameen-Moore? The big hoss came to Syracuse with visions of Ironhead Heywood dancing in our heads. He sat on the bench until The Tank emerged. Then, just as quickly, he disappeared. Well, it sounds like he's back...

Shafer said Moore "had a couple runs inside that were impressive where he was dragging guys down the field."

"Adonis is the guy that is coming on," Shafer said. "I think he sees some light at the end of the tunnel, and he's pushing those guys."

Here's some highlights from day four of spring practice. Scott Shafer swoon time...