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Syracuse Basketball: Let The Ennis/Grant Decision Watch Begin!

The annual tradition of waiting to find out which underclassmen declare for the NBA Draft has begun!

Now that the 2013-2014 Syracuse Orange basketball season is over, it's time for the annual tradition of sweating out whether or not the top underclassmen will leave early for the NBA Draft.

Last year we fretted over C.J. Fair, who, much to the surprise of many, returned for another year in orange.

This year…it's freshman Tyler Ennis and sophomore Jerami Grant who need to make up their mind by April 27 whether or not they'll roll the dice in the NBA or return to SU to hone their skills.

So, what do we know on March 24? Absolutely nothing.

Oh, some people have randomly said that Ennis will return and the players themselves claim they haven't even thought about it but we're all adults here. We can all admit none of that matters. What matters is what these two guys hear from the NBA Draft advisory board and whether or not they think one more year at SU will improve their stock. That's it.

We talked about the possibilities on the podcast last night and there was a wide gap between all four people in what we expected. Two of us think Ennis & Grant are both gone, one thinks Grant returns and the other thinks Ennis returns. And none of us are really crazy for thinking what we think.

What does happen if they both leave? That means another year of SU losing four quality players. But, you know, it's happened before and we've been fine. Let Mike Waters soothe your soul...

Gbinije and Joseph would likely share time at the point. Perhaps Patterson would figure in there, too. Cooney would start at the two-guard. Roberson, Johnson and McCullough would be the forwards. Christmas would return at center. Coleman, depending on his recovery from his season-ending knee surgery, would be back in the middle as well. Obokoh would be the third-string center.

Doesn't sound amazing, but, then again neither did having a true freshman run point this season. Look how that turned out.