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Celebrate SU & Win Some Cool Old Timey Syracuse Football Posters

Celebrate Syracuse University's 144th birthday and win some cool stuff for it!

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Syracuse University turns 144 years young today. And I swear, it doesn't look a day over 122.

In honor of the special occasion, Syracuse has started a Celebrate SU campaign full of events, ideas and activities.

Because 44 is such an important number in Syracuse University history, it is an opportunity to celebrate and share everything we love about SU. We hope you will join us by sharing your SU story, following activities using #CelebrateSU on social media, getting involved in local Orange activities, and making a birthday gift!

You might think it's all about giving SU some birthday gifts but they've actually shared some gifts with TNIAAM that we'd like to share with you guys.




They've opened up the SU Vaults™ and given us the chance to give away three posters. One is a movie poster for The Express. The other two are old-timer Syracuse Football photos blown up to 14x24 and mounted on 1/2-inch thick foam core. I'm not entirely sure who those old hogmollies are but I'm sure someone will figure it out in the comments below.

Want to win the posters? Well here's what you've gotta do...

Tell us your favorite non-sports Syracuse University memory.

We hear plenty of sports-related memories and moments around here. McNabb to Brominski. McPherson's comeback against WVU. The '03 Championship. The '59 Championship.

But we want to know what memorable times you took from SU when you weren't busy rooting for the football team or basketball team. What do you miss most? What was that one moment you keep coming back to that made your SU experience the best? And if you didn't attend SU, then feel free to share what you love about SU in a non-sports kind of way.

Leave your answers in the comments below and we'll pick a winner from random for the posters.

G'ORANGE! And go Celebrate SU!