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TNIAAM Bracket Challenge Update: Day One

Who's winning? Who's all about the best bracket names.

You can view the pool HERE.

Hidy-ho good neighbors and neighbor-ettes! It's time for our first update on the goings-on in our ‘lil bracket fest. Since we [I] over at TNIAAMBCHQ like to dig into the peculiarities of the pool, today we offer our [my] Top-10 bracket names.

First, a tournament summery:

1)   Cuse23 and Phillip's Dazzling Bracket are the only two still in the running for ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Neither has Syracuse winning it all. In fact: ‘Phillip's Dazzling Bracket' has us losing tomorrow. So, ‘Phillip', if leaving the default bracket name wasn't enough reason to dislike you, your Disloyalidiotishness is.

2)   ‘Loyal Idiot' [trzn] shows us how it gets done, picking Syracuse to win it all AND still pick 15 games correctly yesterday. The number of brackets getting 15 games correct goes to Eleven. Two more of them stood out to me. First is ‘Cassillo's Bracket', notable because he picked Syracuse to win tomorrow...I surprised he picked Syracuse to win yesterday. Secondly, there's a bracket called ‘SyrNYBones', run by a user named simply ‘j'....Jon, is that you, and are Art and Chan in on this as well?

3)   I am terrible. Tied for 211. Things looked rosy after picking Dayton, but I also had Oklahoma in the Elite 8. Oops.

Ten Best Bracket Names

Ole Stone Hands Keita - Of all the brackets named on variations of Keita's daft mitts, this is the only one that makes him sound like a wise sage in a mountain temple...which I'm convinced he will be someday.

Louie McCroskey Suckerpunch - I don't even know what this is referencing, but digging deep for a name is awesome. Next year I hope to see ‘Ethan Cole's Vertical'.

WeekendatBernies - At first I laughed because it made me think that we were trying to prop up a corpse of a team heading into the tournament. Then, well, duh...

Cuse 13021 - I know where you live. Same to you ‘Skytop's Picks.'

Orange Crush - Wins the award for ‘Most Creative.'

Jim Boeheim's Statue - As a person whose sense of humor led to naming several fantasy teams ‘Fox Football Robot', I love this.

Trevor&Terry&Gerry&Tyler - Helvetica font was not created for The Beatles to have a cool t-shirt, Helvetica and The Beatles were BOTH created so this joke would work.

NOT TEN! A Girardi Party joint - Now there are many brackets with the ‘Not Ten' theme...however this one is a ‘Girardi Party joint'. If by ‘joint' you mean you roll with Spike Lee skillz, you don't...if you mean because you're being smoked by half the field, you're right.

Take Off Your Pants and Bracket - I hate, hate, hate your guts...and I'll never talk to you again.

Hoya Suxa - Always.

Ciao, Magicians. Keep Calm and Terry/Trevor On.