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NCAA Tournament 2014: Syracuse Secures Crucial Jimmy Fallon Endorsement

When did Fallon turn into Syracuse Fan No. 1?

There are a lot of varying opinions about how the Syracuse Orange are going to fare in the 2014 NCAA Tournament. They'll start their run today against the Western Michigan Broncos but they've got a long, tough road ahead if they plan to get back to the Final Four.

One unassailable voice in our corner seems to be Jimmy Fallon. He was pulling for Syracuse in last year's tourney due to his love for Rakeem Christmas. And he's thrown his support behind the Orange yet again this year.

I'd love to tell you that Jimmy is pulling for us because he's crunched the numbers or because he really knows this team inside and out. But mostly, it's probably because he still really loves Rakeem Christmas.

Whatever. We'll take all the love we can get.