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Join The TNIAAM 2014 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge, Win Stuff

One more damn bracket to fill out…but this one's got cool prizes! Promise!

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I know, I know. You've already filled out forty-three brackets for all your 2014 NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenges. You're all going to win billions, I'm sure. But just in case you wanted to get into one more and turn that forty-three into a perfect number, TNIAAM has a bracket challenge just for you...

This year we're hosting a bracket challenge on Yahoo Sports, and you can join up and fill out your bracket for FREE here.

The password is billyceluck. And add your TNIAAM username in your bracket name so we know who we're making fun of when all your Final Four picks are gone by Sunday.

It's a winner-take-all challenge. The prizes?

1. A signed copy of How To Grow An Orange.

2. The chance to tell Sean to write 500 words on any topic you want. ANY. TOPIC.

3. A sweet, sweet TNIAAM T-Shirt.


One quick FYI. In order to win the t-shirt, you have to register with Gameday Depot first. This way, they have your info, including t-shirt size, ready to go once you've won. If you don't register with them, you can't get the shirt. (I'll vouch for them as they're run by a fellow SBNation blogger and they host our t-shirt shoppe, too).

Good luck and may Jim Boeheim be ever yelling at someone other than you...