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2014 NCAA Tournament: Cooney Nursing Sore Ankle, Ennis Family Reunion In Buffalo

Trevor Cooney is nursing a sore ankle while the Ennis family is excited to get both brothers in Buffalo.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

We heard from Jim Boeheim and C.J. Fair yesterday regarding how they feel about the 3-seed Syracuse earned in the 2014 NCAA Tournament, let's expand our search a little bit to see how some other players are affected.

First up, the Syracuse Orange aren't going to go too far so long as Trevor Cooney keeps throwing up bricks. So the fact that he's got a sore ankle isn't helping matters. How's it holding up?

"Trevor shot (the ball) today,'' SU coach Jim Boeheim said. "He'll probably practice tomorrow. He should be at full strength by Thursday.''

After the game, Cooney had his ankle elevated on a folding chair in front of his locker. His foot had a bag of ice taped to it.

There haven't been any injury reports so far so we'll take that as a goodish sign. Still, SU can hardly afford anymore injuries at any position.

Meanwhile, the Ennis Family received a special treat when not only the Syracuse Orange but the Villanova Wildcats also ended up in Buffalo for the second & third round. That means that Tyler Ennis and brother Dylan Ennis will be in town together, perfect for the nearby family.

"I couldn't get more excited," McIntyre said Sunday night by telephone. "The chances of that happening are probably very little. Now all they gotta do is go in there and win some games. Both of them."

"We get the family tickets," he said, "but we only get four and there are six of us in our family. But we'll work it out."

Don't know if that means 50/50 Ennis jerseys will be in the house, but, probably.