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As soon as the bracket is released, every Syracuse fan is going to consuming every bit of bracket breakdown material until the Orange play their first game of the Tournament. Why not kick things off with a live streamed Google Hangout on hosted by some schmuck who sometimes contributes to this site!

#CooneyFace because why not.
#CooneyFace because why not.
Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

You know it's true. The moment that the first Selection Sunday show ends, we're all headed to our computers looking for bracket breakdowns and #HotSportTakes to consume. But come on. We all know people will give Syracuse thirty seconds and move on. So why not get a full show of Syracuse basketball as soon as the final sports take is given on TBS?

This year thanks to Syracuse Athletics and Google, there will be a Syracuse Selection Sunday Google Hangout livestreamed on that will bring you all of the analysis you'll want. It's all hosted by some Andrew Pregler dude and will be set in a bracket watching party in Club 44 in the Carrier Dome. The plan is to have current members of the basketball team, past presidents of Otto's Army and super fans on the hangout to chat Syracuse basketball, along with some other cool things thrown in. I pinky promise it'll be fun.

Oh, and there's fan interaction because who doesn't do that these days. Use the hashtag #CuseMadness to submit questions for the guests and all throughout the NCAA Tournament for chances to participate in these hangouts and keep the discussion going.

The Hangout should start on 7pm on Selection Sunday. Go Orange!