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Syracuse Spring Football Preview: Assessing the Impact of Coaching Staff Changes

It's almost (spring) football season again!

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Spring football practices start on March 18, and in preparation, we're previewing the team's most pressing matters. Today's topic:

Assessing the Impact of Coaching Staff Changes

After what we thought was a relatively quiet offseason for the Syracuse football program, we saw a couple coaching staff changes begin to shuffle in come the second week of February. We'll avoid the hand-wringing and questions around Rob Moore's departure, though, and get the more important conversations around how these departures and new hires will impact Syracuse on the field of play.

Who's no longer with the program?

Rob Moore vacated the wide receiver coach position to head to Syracuse University-West (the Buffalo Bills). Offensive Line coach Pat Perles heads to the CFL's Toronto Argonauts because four tries to get a first down just wasn't hardnosed enough for him. Pat Perles would rather have three attempts.

What's the effect of those departures?

Moore was not as involved on the recruiting trail as some others, but his NFL pedigree and experience certainly helped draw some wide receiver talent (though who really knows how much). Perles, on the other hand, had completely rebuilt SU's offensive line over time -- taking 2- and 3-star kids and turning them into formidable units that were among the most consistent in the country. He'll be missed in terms of player development along the offensive line, for sure.

Who's replacing them?

Offensive Coordinator George McDonald is actually taking over the duties of wide receivers coach, which is one he's certainly comfortable with already, having served in that role at Miami, Norther Illinois, Minnesota and the Cleveland Browns. But he'll be giving the tight end duties to Bobby Acosta, formerly of Widener, College of New Jersey and Delaware. Perles's job goes to Joe Adam, who was Elmurst's (D-III) head coach last year.

What impact will they have?

We'll see, I suppose. We discussed it when Moore left, but we're unsure how much of an impact he had on recruiting wideouts vs. McDonald. And if George did have more involvement, then this move actually helps out a bit. Last year was also pretty rough at the wide receiver position, so can't say that Moore was having a huge impact in that regard either. McDonald should hopefully change things, especially with a pretty exciting wideout class coming in the door -- including Corey Cooper, who is officially enrolled for the spring semester and will be participating in practices. As for Adam, can't speak to how he'll impact our offensive line just yet -- so very curious to see how things gel early in spring practices.


So what do you think? What are you expecting from Acosta and Adam? Any concerns? Big positives we may have missed? Share them below.