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Syracuse Basketball: How History Says the Orange Could Finish

The Orange finished the regular season with 27 wins, an .871 winning percentage and second in ACC. Not too bad for their first run through the conference. What does history tell us (but really tell us nothing) about the Orange's chances?

Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange had a pretty darn good regular season. Best start in team history, number one in the country for awhile, finishing their first run through the ACC with wins over UNC and Duke and four losses put them at 27-4 with a .871 winning percentage, good for second in the conference behind Virginia. So here are the useless but still fun water cooler talk histories of Syracuse teams that finished with at least 27 wins or an .871 winning percentage. Yes, these results include conference tournament and NCAA tournament results  (Thanks to OrangeHoops and Wikipedia for filling information and details).

2012-13: 30-10 (11-7) .750, Lost in NCAA, Conference Finals, Final Four

2011-12: 34-3 (17-1) .919, Big East Season Champions, Conference Semi-Finals, Elite 8

2009-10: 30-5 (15-3) .857, Big East Season Champions, Conference Quarter-Finals, Sweet Sixteen

2008-09: 28-10 (11-7) .737, Conference Finals, Sweet Sixteen

2002-03: 30-5 (13-3) .857, Big East Season Champions, Conference, Conference Semi-Finals, National Champions

1995-96: 29-9 (12-6) .763, Conference Semi-Final, National Championship Game

1986-87: 31-7 (12-4) .816, Big East Season Champions, Conference Finals, National Championship Game

1934-35: 15-2 .882

1933-34: 15-2 .882

1932-33: 14-2 .875

1929-30: 18-2 .900

1925-26: 19-1 .950 National Champions (Helms Foundation)

1924-25: 15-2 .883

1917-18: 16-1 .941 National Champions (Helms Foundation)

1914-15: 10-1 .909

1913-14: 12-0 1.000

It's been a pretty good season for the Orange when looking at the scope of modern Syracuse basketball. There have been very few seasons where the .871 winning percentage has been closed in on with 2011-12's crazy season setting the bar for regular season success.

Like I said, this really means nothing except to mentioned on some ESPN CG during the ACC Tournament and for you to have some riveting water cooler stats to throw out there.