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Syracuse Defeats Clemson: Jerami Grant's Crazy Shot, Meet Trevor Wiggins

Jerami Grant made a circus shot early in Syracuse's win over Clemson. Afterward, we met the latest Trevor Cooney relative.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

An in-depth recap of the No. 1 Syracuse Orange's 57-44 win over the Clemson Tigers coming up, but in the meantime, a couple nuggets you're probably interested in.

No. 1, Syracuse forward Jerami Grant might not have run up to the crowd and shoved them after they made ugly remarks about him, but, in a metaphysical sense, maybe he did???

While you ponder that, ponder No. 2 as well.  You know Trevor Cooney. You know his brothers Tyler, Gerry and Kevin. But have you met their cousin, Trevor Wiggins?


No wonder we're hurting in the depth department. We've given all our bench spots to the Cooney-Wiggins family.