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Reviewing The Nike Basketball Hyper Elite Dominance Jersey (a.k.a. The Cool Throwbacks)

I stumbled into to Shirt World on Marshall and was shocked to find the new throwback jerseys on the racks. Here's a review because I love uni-stuff like this.

Here's the deal: I love throwback jerseys, especially for basketball. I currently have over 30 jerseys in my apartment so last thing I really need is another Cuse jersey. Bu when news broke that our corporate overlords Nike was going to give Syracuse actual throwback uniforms, I kind of freaked out, although not as much as when I walked into Shirt World and saw the above jersey hanging on the racks. Here's my two cents.

Cost: $120
Pretty standard for Nike basketball jerseys and all non-screen printed jerseys. That doesn't make it ok, but it is what it is.

Numbers available: 5
Because we all must bow to the headband that #BeatDuke

How does it actually feel?
Here's what Nike's press release says about the jersey:

The jersey is a lightweight, breathable and durable: sphere fabric with flocking at the interior neck for sweat management, while articulated armholes maximize range of motion.

When you hold this jersey and the normal jersey in both hands, you immediately see Nike wasn't lying. The material used in the throwback is much lighter and less cloth-like while not feeling like the polyester jerseys you get eight year olds from Wal-Mart. The material also stretches more which is always a plus.

The biggest difference besides the light feel is the collar and numbers. the collar and lining around the arms feels like the material used in the lining of Nike's soccer jerseys which is essentially more elastic and feels like a soft for lack of a better term, meaning that it's less likely to be stretched out and lose shape. I've always been a fan of the curved collar instead of the v-neck basketball jerseys and the collar sits high so it's no different than a t-shirt, another big plus.

Finally to the numbers. In going with the whole "light weight" thing, the numbers aren't stitched on in the traditional sense. However, they are not screen printed. My best description is that if you've bought one of the new therma-fit hoodies Nike has (the Syracuse ones are grey/navy and have the giant block S on them) the lettering on the front of the hoodie is raised and feels like a soft plastic. That's what the numbers and script "Syracuse" feel like on this. From experience, this is a plus as stitching won't be undone over time and it makes the jerseys easier to clean.

I'm a big fan of these jerseys. They're more comfortable and look better than the current jerseys which Sean voiced when these first came out. Get 'em. Wear em. I'm pumped to see the Orange wear orange at home in the Dome.

UPDATE: sold out almost instantly. Looks like's allotment just arrived, they have all sizes available. LINK: