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Syracuse Football & The Eternal Sports Fan/Human Being Dilemma

Being both a sports fan and a human being is hard.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday it was announced that Rob Moore would be leaving the Syracuse Orange to take the same job with Doug Marrone and the Buffalo Bills.

Sports Fan Me was bummed. Rob Moore is a Syracuse guy. He should be coaching Syracuse for years to come.

Human Being Me totally understood. Hey, if I do a job for a mid-level company and a big-time company offers to pay me more to do the same job at a higher-profile position, I'm out the door.

Sports Fan Me was disappointed to learn that not only did Scott Shafer know Moore was talking to the Bills but also went out of his way to make sure impending WR recruits did not know the coach who would be their main point of contact for the next couple years probably wasn't going to be there anymore. That's not how I want my program to run.

Human Being Me pondered…what should he have done? Told them a few days before National Signing Day and watched them all float away to Pittsburgh or Boston College? When exactly is a good time to walk away from a situation in which you're put in charge of teenagers and young men whose families have entrusted you with taking care of them?

Sports Fan Me demands obedience, loyalty and respect for the program above everything.

Human Being Me makes a wanking motion at the thought of all that cause Human Being Me knows that you always have to take care of yourself and your family when the situation to do so arises.

Sports Fan Me only cares about Syracuse.

Human Being Me thinks everyone should do whatever they want, when they want.

Like I said, being both a sports fan and a human being is hard.