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National Signing Day, Syracuse Recruiting: Welcome, Class Of 2014

Though we suppose they're technically the Class of 2018, but, you know what we mean. Anyway, they make it official today.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

After all the verbal commitments. After all the back and forth. After all the star ratings, stats and ominous tweets. It all becomes official today at National Signing Day has arrived. Today, every Syracuse Orange football Class of 2014 verbal commit becomes a signed commit. Or, I suppose, a faxed commit.

Here are the 22 players who we expect to lock in their commitment to Syracuse on Wednesday...

Alin Edouard, QB

A.J. Long, QB

Erv Philips, RB

Corey Cooper, WR

Jamal Custis, WR

Adly Enoicy, WR

Steve Ishmael, WR

K.J. Williams, WR

Aaron Roberts, OL

Denzel Ward*, OL

Jalen Harvey, DL

Kayton Samuels*, DL

Chris Slayton, DL

Wayne Williams, DL

Parris Bennett, LB

Zaire Franklin, LB

Colton Moskal, LB

Jonathan Thomas, LB

Antwan Cordy, DB

Lamar Dawson, DB

Juwan Dowels, DB

Naesean Howard, DB

Cordell Hudson, DB

Treevon Prater, DB

Rodney Williams, DB

Ward and Samuels are the only two who haven't actually verballed to SU and we'll just have to wait and see if they come through.

By all accounts, this has the possibility of being one of Syracuse's highest-ranked and most-touted recruiting classes in years. Let's see how it all shakes out and then try not to get too worked up over it. Good luck with that.