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National Signing Day, Syracuse Recruiting: Jalen Harvey Flipped The Script

Western Kentucky's loss is our gain as Jalen Harvey flipped his commitment last weekend.

Stat Me: A little tough to find stats on him but the only stats you really need to know are 6'2" and 300 pounds.

Seein' Stars: Scout 2*, Rivals 2*, ESPN N/R

Who's Crying?: Western Kentucky, South Alabama, Boise St.

Money Quote: "I am done [with the recruiting process] with Syracuse now… This is for real. I am going to sign with Syracuse on Wednesday. I'm not answering any more phone calls. If a get a call from anywhere I don't know that doesn't have a 315 in the area code then I am not going to pick up the phone to talk to anybody until Wednesday."

Which SU Coach Gets a Bonus?: Tim Daoust

Fun Fact: Harvey was first contact by Syracuse two weeks ago, visited the school a week later (the weekend of the Duke game) and committed right then.

Meet Jalen Harvey: Watch some fairly HD highlights here.