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Syracuse vs. Florida State Will Be The Homecoming Game. Oh. Good.

The weekend Syracuse invites everyone back home to celebrate the university will be the same one the defending National Champion comes to town.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

When the 2014 Syracuse Orange football schedule was released, you couldn't help but notice the glaring stretch through October. Louisville and Florida State at home before Wake Forest and Clemson on the road. A blistering string of games and right in the heart of Orange Central Homecoming time.

What was Syracuse going to do? When would they schedule Orange Central Homecoming?

Obviously, the Florida State game was out. Obviously. I suppose we could have scheduled Louisville for Homecoming, but being a Friday night game kinda ruined the whole weekend effect. Would we wait all the way until November when we head back home to play N.C. State? That might work since that seems winnable. Whatever the case, we just knew it would be something other than Florida State, because, obviously.

The October 11th Florida State game has been announced as the Orange Central Homecoming game. $&*#@$&!#$&#.