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College Basketball Rankings: Your Syracuse Orange are the Nation's No. 1 Team!


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Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

This week's arbitrary rankings by coaches and media have arrived, and due to Syracuse's thrilling win over Duke and Arizona's upset loss to California, the Orange are the nation's No. 1 team! At 21-0, Syracuse is off to its best start in school history and is now one of just two remaining unbeaten squads (Wichita State being the other). The ascension to the top spot in both the AP and USA Today polls breaks an eight-week streak of being listed behind Arizona in the rankings.

The AP Voter(s) You Arbitrarily Love This Week: EVERYONE! We were a unanimous pick for No. 1. Even Ron Morris believes!

The AP Voter(s) You Arbitrarily Hate This Week: NO ONE. SEE ABOVE. EVERYONE THINKS WE'RE NO. 1!


Syracuse was last ranked No. 1 in the 2011-12 season, when they started 20-0 before losing on the road to Notre Dame. But the Orange weren't unanimous then and this is later in the season. So for now, we'll tell ourselves it's better this time around.

For those curious where the rest of the ACC teams were slotted in this week's polls, Duke jumped up t1th in both polls following a 1-1 stretch vs. Pitt and SU. Virginia moved to 20th in the AP and 21st in the Coaches Poll, and they've now won five straight. Pitt fell to 25th in the AP and 22nd in the Coaches after losing to Duke and UVa.

We have absolutely nothing to complain about for once, at least with regards to Syracuse's ranking. But anything else bother you about the polls this week? Weigh in below. Oh, and if you're looking for a t-shirt to commemorate this moment (I'm certainly not), you're covered.