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Syracuse Interview Extras: Jay Bilas Thinks Syracuse Is Warm; Rece Davis Loves Dinosaur BBQ

After ESPN College GameDay wrapped, Jay Bilas and Rece Davis stuck around to chat about the upcoming game and what they like about traveling to Syracuse.

Rich Barnes

Once the GameDay broadcast was over, I expected ESPN to rush the crew off to wherever they needed to be until returning for the evening's epic match up between the Syracuse Orange and the Duke Blue Devils. That was only half correct.

First, the lucky fans who had all-access passes and had been watching the entire show from the sidelines were allowed to come onto the court for photo ops with the personalities. Well, not all of the fans.

Two were not-so-lucky. They tried approaching center court slowly, wearing their fan gear and holding fan signs, but they got about four steps on the court when they were promptly and sternly shoo'd away. Why? Their fan gear was blue -- Blue Devil Blue -- and their signs matched.

These Duke fans weren't obnoxious or anything at all, but I gathered that GameDay at Syracuse University was reserved for Syracuse fans. I can handle that. Besides, doesn't Duke get its own Game Day, like, every year anyway? Go back to Durham where you belong. As they say, "Who's house? 'Cuse house!"

After that, Jalen Rose and Digger Phelps peaced out, but Jay Bilas and Rece Davis were made available for a few minutes. They seem to be really low key guys, who genuinely enjoy coming to Central New York. They spoke highly of Syracuse fans, Jim Boeheim, Dinosaur BBQ…

...and the weather?

Take a listen, and see what else they had to say. First up, Jay Bilas, who wore some pretty awesome sneakers. I didn't get a snapshot of them, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Next, we have Rece Davis, who is shorter than I thought. That is neither here nor there, and it's not a knock on him. Just an observation. Look -- you guys want the inside scoop, right? Well, this is part of it.

If you want to relive the entire GameDay experience, click here to check out my Twitter feed.