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Syracuse Fans Have Various Options For Hating Virginia This Saturday

Hate Virginia? You will this Saturday!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

If you want to dislike the Virginia Cavaliers this weekend, you're going to have a couple options on how you can go about it.

As part of a very, very, very good week for college lacrosse, the No. 6/8 Syracuse Orange lacrosse team travels to Charlottesville to try and get back on track against the hated Hoos (No. 4/4) with a 7:30 p.m. EST opening face-off. (which Syracuse will invariably lose).

But before that happens, the No. 4 Syracuse Orange (25-2) basketball team puts the ACC regular season crown on the line when they take on the No. 12 Cavs (23-5) for conference supremacy. The ball will tip at 4:00 p.m. EST.

For both Syracuse squads, it's a chance for a bit of redemption. The lacrosse team is coming off an absolutely brutal debut in the ACC, losing 16-8 to the Maryland Terrapins. Gone is the No,.1 ranking and SU is staring a realistic 2-2 record in the face. The Syracuse - Virginia game is almost always a classic so throw out the records, throw out last week and get ready for something good.

Meanwhile the basketball Orange have gotten back on track(ish) with a win over Maryland earlier in the week but they've lost their stranglehold on the top spot in the ACC. Virginia, thanks to a 12-game winning streak and 15-1 conference record, is now the top dog and SU is back to being the underdog not expected to win. Maybe that's exactly what they needed.

The point is, make your run to Food Lion on Friday and then head to Wegman's on Saturday for actually-good produce and supplies, and make sure you're stocked up for one hell of a Saturday afternoon & evening.